Have you ever had a Christmas away from home? It’s exciting because it probably means you’re away doing something adventurous, perhaps escaping the winter cold for warmer climes and laughing at everybody back home who is complaining about the weather on Facebook. However there is one reality you have to face up to if you’ve jetted off somewhere exotic for Christmas; you’re probably not going to get any presents, no matter how good you’ve been this year. As I write this the Festive season is well and truly upon us, and despite the blazing sunshine and gorgeous beaches, I can’t help but feel a little disgruntled about the fact that I’ll have nothing to open on the big day. So here’s a list for Santa Claus and for backpackers everywhere, if he’s listening, we would really like some presents!

  1. Kindle – I regret not buying one of these for my trip so so so much. With a kindle, you can lug around hundreds of books without feeling so much as an extra KG in your rucksack. When you’re marooned in an airport or on a remote Island (hard life, I know) you will really appreciate having a whole library at your disposal.
  2. Headphones – our sanctuary on a crowded bus or in a noisy dorm room. The higher quality the better really, Santa, but any headphones will do. You can guarantee that 100% of travellers will lose or break their headphones at some point during their trip.
  3. Rucksack – Because the one we picked up on Khao San Road has already snapped.
  4. Hard drive – whether for blogging, endless photos or films to keep you occupied, a hard drive is great for storing and sharing with other travellers but might not be something we’d like to splash out on ourselves…hint hint
  5. Universal adapter/charger – this one is just really practical – you brought your iPhone for a reason.
  6. A Journal – Cliché but also kind of cute. It might be really embarrassing to read back in a few years’ time but it’s better than forgetting all the little moments that crop up along your journey that are small but significant.
  7. Puzzle books – never underestimate the power of a crossword to get you through a layover. I have a friend who loves Word-Searches more than any child I’ve ever met and this is literally all she will be getting for Christmas.
  8. Scratch map – so when you get home you can put it on your wall and show off all of the cool places you’ve been to. Just make sure you’ve been to some of the big countries for it to look really impressive.
  9. Selfie stick – only purchase this if you don’t mind disowning the person you’re buying it for forever and ever.
  10. Flights – there’s only really one thing that you can put in a backpacker’s stocking and know for definite that you’ve done a good job. Booking someone a flight shows you really love them, and might even mean you’re going along for the ride; ensuring that the New Year will be amazing for all involved!

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